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ATE Testing:

Full ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) testing is carried out in house via Automeg (MK Test), Adaptronic, Cirris, WEE, Ditmco or Validata test machines.
Open Wire Harnesses:

Ionix manufactures a variety of open wire harnesses for customers where fast, on-site serviceability is required. Another benefit of open wire harness style can be that the weight of the finished assemblies are significantly lower
Encapsulated Harnesses:

Ionix manufactures a variety of encapsulated harnesses, where complete environmental protection, coupled with Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) wash-down capabilities are required.
Convoluted / PVC Tubing:

Ionix manufactures “closed bundle” harnesses for use in harsh and rugged environments. The use of convoluted & PVC tubing provides environmental protection and abrasion protection. Many of our products are IP rated to prevent water ingress. Additionally the addition of tubing can add to the aesthetic appeal of the assembled harnesses.
Braided Harnesses:

Ionix manufactures a variety of braided harnesses, where extra protection is required, be it high temperature or high wear resistance. Braided harnesses are also preferred as LRU’s (Line Replaceable Units) type of harnesses, these decrease the down time of aircraft in AOG scenarios.

Ionix operate braiding machinery ranging from 8 to 48 carriers, capable of braiding a variety of materials, including Nomex, Nylon / Engineered Yarns, PEEK and Stainless Steel.
Woven Harnesses:

Ionix manufactures a variety of Woven harnesses, where low finished goods weight, alongside small / flat-form harness routing areas are required. This is a unique product / process that is ideal for areas where there is a small / tight space envelope – a variety of different cable types and sizes can be brought together to create a “customised ribbon type” cable solution.
Box and Panel Assembly:

Whether it is new build or repair and overhaul, Ionix has vast experience in box and panel assembly. Ionix Systems has a vast experience in bring together Electromechanical Sub Assemblies and Systems. Ionix Assembles Aerospace, Commercial, Military and Marine Boxes and Panel Assemblies.
Repair and Overhaul:

Offering a repair and overhaul service for all of Ionix’s range of products, and many more, Ionix can provide a full repair and overhaul service, including co-locating at our customer’s place of business, whether it be an indoor production facility or an airfield.

Ionix supports offsite repair and overhaul services through dedicated field engineers / technicians and dedicated tooling, which provides flexibility and responsiveness to our customers. 

Ionix Systems has the knowledge, know how and experience to reverse engineer and rework products with or without drawings and thus can release obsolete assemblies back into current issue / current design and usable assemblies for our customers.
Customer Service Support:

Ionix provides on-site support for anything from technical advice to harness / assembly repair and qualification. A dedicated team of professionals are on hand to take your queries and to deliver you solutions.

TIG welding of electrical connectors, specifically to enhance thermocouple connections, is one of the additional capabilities and services that Ionix provides.

Ionix has the capability to conduct both low temperature and high temperature brazing of electrical connectors, this process specifically enhances thermocouple connections.

Soldering is performed by Ionix as an alternative to manual crimping should this be required.

Ionix offers Potting services / capabilities from back potting of connectors to full tube assembly potting using a wide variety of compounds, depending on requirement. Ionix has a separate Potting clean room, complete with full extraction equipment and a range of curing ovens.
Chemical Etching (Cable):

Chemical Etching is a solution for treating the surface of fluorocarbons to make it markable, bondable and potable. A sodium compound in the solution reacts with highly fluorinated polymers to form a reactive film on the polymer surface. Nearly any adhesive can be used on this treated surface.
Ident Printing:

Ionix has the capability to print a variety idents for a range of heat shrink products including D-SCE, HT-SCE and TMS-SCE ranges using our Thermal Transfer Printing capabilities.
Cut / Strip / Terminate & Seal:

Ionix Systems has automated cut, strip, terminate and seal capability. Our cut and crimp machines are fitted with crimp force analysers and have the capability to cut extra long lengths of cable.

We have both high speed equipment for large volumes and bench mounted equipment for small to medium volumes.
Semi Automatic Crimping:

We have a large variety of semi-automatic crimping presses for the application of crimp terminals; our application tooling crimps the likes of Amp / Tyco, ITT, JST, Molex and Yazaki amongst others.

Additionally Ionix has a large selection of hand crimping tools for Military & Aerospace applications and low volume termination requirements.

UV Laser Marking:

Our UV Laser Marking equipment has been upgraded to include a 50HZ laser giving the machine a far faster throughput rate of 35-40 metres per minute (as opposed to 22mtrs for the 25HZ laser variant of this machine).

The machine laser marks and cuts to the stringent standards and specifications of both Airbus and Boeing.

UV Laser Marking is the preferred marking system for the Aerospace Industry as it is a non-aggressive and non-contact process which leaves the...
Hotfoil / Inkjet Marking:

Where non UV markable cables are used or where customer specifications dictate, Ionix Systems have the capability to hotfoil or inkjet mark the cable assemblies.
Textile braiding:

As well as overbraiding directly onto harnesses, Ionix can offer braided forms for “pull on” requirements / socks. We can manufacture these out of many materials including PEEK, Bekinox, Nylon and Nomex.