Fibre Optic Assemblies

Fibre Optic Assemblies

Ionix Systems works with Amphenol Fibre Systems International (AFSI), to offer a European design service that meets our customers short turnaround times, which includes fibre optic interconnect solutions, from connectors and termini to cable assemblies and harnesses.

Our cable assemblies are used in military, avionics and industrial applications around the world, incorporating popular harsh environment connectors such as TFOCA-II®, M28876, D38999, ARINC 801, expanded beam and others

Ionix Systems has the capability to manufacture MT Fibre optic assemblies.  The MT Fibre Optic Assembly from Ionix Systems is a high-performance, multi-channel solution, ingeniously compact as it accommodates the same footprint as a single-channel connector. This assembly can support an impressive count of up to 72 channels, ideal for high data rate communications. Engineered with proprietary Amphenol ruggedised MT connectors, this product significantly differentiates from others in the market, offering superior reliability. Primarily, it finds exceptional use in demanding environments like Aerospace and Military sectors.

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