UV Laser Marking

Our UV Laser Marking equipment has been upgraded to include a 50HZ laser giving the machine a far faster throughput rate of 35-40 meters per minute (as opposed to 22mtrs for the 25HZ laser variant of this machine) The machine laser marks and cuts to the stringent standards and specifications of both Airbus and Boeing. UV Laser Marking is the preferred marking system for the Aerospace Industry as it is a non-aggressive and non-contact process which leaves the integrity of the cable insulation unaffected whilst providing a permanent print (resistant even too hot hydraulic fluids). UV Laser Marking also reduces the weight of the assemblies as compared with assemblies using standard idents/marking products.


Features & Benefits:

  • Top range UV laser wire marking machine
  • Ultraviolet solid state ND:YAG laser
  • Permanent markings are produced at maximum speed up to 40 meters per minute
  • Complies fully with SAE ARP 5607- legibility of print on aerospace wires and cable systems
  • Conform to Airbus, Boeing, Sikorsky Aircraft and other OEM processing standards